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Impact Interiors LLC 


From home offices to corporate headquarters, everyone has the same need for quality furniture. When your desires go beyond your budget though, having options available can make the experience of shopping a little more pleasurable and in the Kansas City area, turning to Impact Interiors LLC will provide you with the office furniture solutions you need in order to have your spaces equipped with everything you need without having to worry about emptying your bank account in the process.

About Us

Impact Interiors LLC has been bringing affordable options to the Kansas City area for many years. With the right connections to locations that provide the necessary used office furniture, we have the capability to fulfill the needs of many business types across the city. Whether you need home office furniture for your solo business, or office chairs, desks and more for a corporate location, making the choice to bring your needs to our experts will bring you the assistance you need in every aspect of service, starting from selection and only end when your rooms are completely furnished.

Our Services

We provide you with the assistance you need every step of the way, ensuring that you can get the results you’re looking for in a quick and painless fashion. From the moment we pick up the phone, we provide you with a reliable customer service experience, the assistance you need in establishing the furnishings required and the delivery needed to have your choices brought to you. When you need the best in local used office furniture, making the call to the offices of Impact Interiors LLC will provide you with the speed and quality you’ve been looking for.

Health Care

Efficiency, speed and the ability to carefully track important information for your clients are all hallmarks of a quality health care facility and a big part of allowing your employees to carry out this level of work, is ensuring that they’re surrounded by the necessary office furniture. It’s more than just an office chair, filing systems, stationary tables, office desks and more all come together to provide you with the capability your clinic needs.


Not only do you need to be efficient and reliable in a government setting, but everything you do is scrutinized and overlooked by the public you serve. This means that when it comes time to spend money, even on required furniture, you need to look out for the taxpayer’s investment. Choosing to obtain used office furniture from Impact Interiors LLC will provide you with all the pieces you need, while maintaining strict adherence to your budget.


Corporate offices rely heavily on every member of your staff providing you with the forward momentum needed for continual growth and in order to set them up to succeed, providing the best in office furniture is key. We bring you the means to fill your office spaces, board rooms, meeting rooms and much more, giving you the foundation needed to operate at your highest level and to keep moving your business forward in Kansas City.

Higher Education

Colleges and universities depend on a myriad of different furniture types in order to provide an environment conducive to fulfilling the requirements of all those within. Whether you’re looking for an office chair, desks, cubicles, bookshelves or any other option within your property, choosing the experience of Impact Interiors LLC will provide you with a range of choices and the means to affordably fill any space within your higher education property.


Waiting rooms, intake offices, filing systems and more, you can find yourself with a hundred different needs for a specific piece of furniture, which means that when you obtain the sales you need, you also need to be able to depend on it. When working with the experts at Impact Interiors LLC, you can count on the right amount of choice, quality and affordability in every furniture piece we offer, giving you results you’re looking for quickly and reliably.

Affordable Alternative

We understand the cost that can come with furnishing almost any room, which is why we pride ourselves on bringing businesses and other locations in the Kansas City area an alternative choice. When you need to fill any space within the city in an affordable way, without sacrificing on the quality of the office furniture you obtain, calling into the offices of Impact Interiors LLC will provide you with the wealth of choice you need and the price you can afford.

Contact Us

The first step in providing you with the office furniture you need, is hearing from you. When you make the choice to pick up the phone and to call into the offices of Impact Interiors LLC, you can count on having a professional there, immediately getting to work on establishing your needs and providing you with the options on how to fulfill them. Whatever the space you need to fill, reaching out to our professionals is the first step in a quality result that keeps your budget in mind and that delivers on the results you’ve been looking for in the Kansas City area.


“After looking through a bunch of options for office furniture near me, I eventually chose to reach out to Impact Interiors LLC for a more affordable choice. They gave the same amount of selection but the prices they offered were much more reasonable than the other options.” – Kirk B.


“Starting my own small business was a major trial and when it came to look for the needed office chairs and more, I was overwhelmed by cost. Impact Interiors LLC provided a huge amount of choice but were still much more affordable than other furniture sales locations.” – Mandy T.


“We added a new wing to our clinic and needed to have all the necessary furniture in place quickly. Fortunately, Impact Interiors LLC not only brought a lot of choice but also offered to have everything delivered to the new location at the same low prices they offer in furniture.” – Vince D.

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